Proper Hand Washing

Wash HandsHow to Wash Your Hands Effectively

  1. Take some paper towel off the roll.
  2. Turn on the water.
  3. Wet hands and apply soap.
  4. Scrub thoroughly, between fingers around rings, etc. A good idea of the time necessary at this step is to sing “Happy Birthday” while you’re washing.
  5. Dry hands thoroughly with the paper towel.
  6. Take paper towel, and place on taps to turn them off. (You don’t want your clean hands to be dirtied by the tap.)
  7. Dispose of paper towel.

The secret to effective hand washing is time and vigorous action.


Even though we provide hand sanitizers, washing your hands properly is still better. Hand sanitizers will breed more resistant bacteria, whereas proper washing removes them. Hand sanitizers should only be used when hand washing is unavailable.